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Enhancing Home Resale Value with Exceptional Interior Bathroom Designs

Good Interior Designs for Improved Bathroom Resale Value

We all have a bathroom at home and I wish we paid special attention to it! How I wish we all hired a professional to design our bathrooms! Now that we know how to use innovative thinking with a stylish kitchen remodel, it’s time to do the same with our bathrooms.

Enhancing Home Resale Value with Exceptional Interior Bathroom Designs

Redesigning a bathroom is no mean task and it can be overwhelming. However, a successful remodeling to a bathroom is all about timing, having the inspiration and contacting the right contractor.

Bathroom Redesign Tips

If you can visualize the interior design of your choice before the project begins, you will be able to identify with your wishes. This way, it won’t be difficult for you and the contractor to reach a compromise. Again, companies like Fineline Kitchens Inc. that specialize in home remodeling can help you choose the best layout. However, here are a few tips that any bathroom designer can consider to achieve great results

Think about cleanliness

Spend time cleaning and maintaining your bathroom. It is advisable to use materials that will last a long time, such as porcelain tiles. Materials such as natural stone and travertine are equally suitable, but require natural stone and travertine, which can be expensive.

Preventing water runoff

Bathrooms in your home are where the most water is used on a daily basis. This means that the underlying elements are at a higher risk of water damage. Make sure the bathroom is watertight and consider installing waterproof drywall with tile backsplash.

Focus on what’s important

Cabinets, sinks, faucets, showers and toilets are just some of the items you’ll use on a daily basis. That’s why you should pay more attention to them in terms of their design. Think about what you can spend on them to get high quality items. However, the decorative design of other items such as cabinet knobs, drawer pulls or lighting is important, but not necessary.

Be prepared for inconvenience

Most homes have only one bathroom. Therefore, any project in this area will cause inconvenience to the entire family. Therefore, make alternative arrangements and be patient, as you may not be able to use some bathroom functions for a long period of time.

Make it timeless

Make sure to combine the latest trend or cutting-edge design with traditional or conventional materials.

How to make sure you hire the right bathroom installer?

Traditionally, bathrooms are the smallest rooms in any home and are easily neglected. How to hire a professional and qualified remodeler?

Seek them out and check their references

Talk to prospective contractors to get names of clients from recent projects. Ask the clients if the contractor met their expectations. Find out how they handled changes and whether or not they would recommend the contractor to others.

Set a budget and payment guidelines.

You may choose to work with percentages of the total value as each part of the project is completed. You should never pay more than one-third of the total cost as a deposit, or pay in cash. Caution: contractors will always find fault with interior repairs.

Use a checklist for payment.

Using a repair checklist ensures that only work completed to your satisfaction is paid for. However, be sure to specify in advance the cost of each phase of the job. Do not make final payment until the contractor has completed the to-do list.

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