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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to bathroom renovation, flooring must be at the top of your mind. When the fall season arrives, it brings an opportunity to remodel the most frequently used rooms in the house before the onset of the holiday and the winter. One of these rooms is the bathroom. Nonetheless, many homeowners are sometimes unable to decide the type of flooring they want. Selecting the preeminent type of flooring for a bathroom depends on your preferences as the homeowner. You cannot copy from someone and think it will work for you. It requires some anticipations and planning.  According to Fineline Kitchens Inc, below are some tips you need to consider before you decide on the type of the bathroom floor you want.

 No carpet or solid wood

First, you need to begin with what to avoid. Some homeowners omit the rug because of the nature of its ability to absorb moisture.   You should also avoid other hard surface materials.   The solid wood flooring especially the parquet or tongue-and-groove type does not fit the bathroom. It cannot work well with a water pavement surface.  The engine wood works better than the laminate flooring since its base is stronger. In addition, it has a water-resistant plywood nature. However, laminate flooring is not recommended for extreme water. However, it can still hold up in case you make it your final decision. The most expensive flooring choice is the vinyl tile or sheet vinyl flooring. Even though these materials are based on petroleum, they are still composite materials.  The Vinyl tile has some seams where water can penetrate through. Sheet vinyl is seamless, and therefore it is the best option ever.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Flooring

The preeminent type of flooring for a bathroom is tile. There are so many varieties of tiles on the market today. They range from ceramic to more expensive and rare ordinary stone materials. The stone sealer helps to lower the ability of moisture or water to penetrate. Many homeowners mostly consider porcelain tiles. These tiles do not allow moisture or water to penetrate. The home tile manufacturers use Porcelain material to simulate the look as well as the feel of the natural stones. However, porcelain is less cheap than natural stone. Tiles are easy to clean and require little maintenance cost. The tile floor is the most used type of bathroom flooring.

Tight grout lines 

In wet areas such as in the bathroom, you should have tight grout lines. Grout allows water in even when sealed. This is not good as the waters can begin destabilizing the mortar’s hold to the substrate and eventually to the concrete board. The preeminent type of flooring for a bathroom is the stronger grouts that have inbuilt additives that help to alleviate the above situation.

Today the manufacturers are becoming more resourceful; they are creating tile designs with the appearance of wood flooring. This works well for people who love the wood appearance but do not want to take a risk by installing a wood floor.


In conclusion, it is critical to do some research before you decide on the type of flooring you want.  Ensure you make careful considerations before you are certain of the exact kind of material you want. Remember having the preeminent type of flooring for a bathroom is critical. You do not want to make the mistake of bringing the best kitchen floor in the bathroom. Just like there are so many kitchen countertop options for green living that requires you to select wisely it is the same way as the tiles. You must be careful about what you need.

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